Decorate Your Plumbing This Year, for Extra Holiday Cheer!

Festive Plumbing Decorations for the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is fast approaching. People around the country are starting to drag those dusty boxes of decorations out of the closet. The postman is humming ‘Let It Snow’ under his breath. Grocery stores are putting up vinyl window decals of snowmen. As the season of spreading holiday cheer through decorations approaches, consider decorating your unsightly plumbing.

Whether it’s to win a friendly decorating competition with your neighbor or to surprise your mother-in-law with your creativity, decorating your plumbing outside of your house, in the kitchen plumbing, and in the bathroom can help you take your holiday decorating to a whole new level.

Dress Up Outdoor Pipes

Unsightly exterior pipes can put a damper on an otherwise exquisite holiday decoration display. A simple solution to this is including the pipes in your decorating scheme! Consider wrapping twinkle lights around the pipes, or hang outdoor ornaments along horizontally oriented external plumbing.

Garlands of holly or other festive greenery can also be strung along exterior pipes to make them part of your exterior decorations. If all else fails, consider placing a decorated outdoor tree or bush in front of outdoor pipes. Just be sure that anything you use to decorate your outdoor plumbing is safe and still allows you access, in the event, there’s a need for repairs.

Jazz Up Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchens are usually where people gather during the holiday season. The fresh aroma of baking pies and cookies, the chatter of friends and family, the warm glow from the oven. Decorating your kitchen may not be the top of your decorating priority list, but it can help bring festive cheer to one of the most popular rooms in the house.

A missed opportunity when it comes to decorating is the kitchen faucet. Kitchen faucets can be decorated with delicate garlands or pipe cleaners wrapped around them. You can also use holiday-specific soap dispensers to dress up your sink or hang themed curtains in the window by the faucet.

Bring Holiday Cheer to Bathroom Plumbing

While bathrooms may not be the focal point of your home, they definitely get a lot of traffic. Decorating them can help add cheer to your home this holiday season. Exposed shower pipes or visible plumbing underneath bathroom sinks can be utilized when decorating.

Consider waterproof twinkle lights to twist around the faucet or underneath the sink. But remember, NEVER use electrical lighting or elements anywhere near running water. It can pose a serious safety concern for you and your family.

Decorative soap dispensers, hand towels, and shower curtains can help jazz up your bathroom. If you have exposed piping under your bathroom sink, adding a sink apron made out of themed material could also help decorate the room and hide unsightly plumbing. Decorated house plants can also help hide exposed pipes.

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