Great Outdoor Activities for the World’s Longest Day

With summer comes fun and the World’s longest day of the year, June 21st. How do you plan on spending the blissful 17 hours of summer daylight? If you’re thinking about water activities, we’re right there with you!

What could be more perfect than cooling off from the heat by enjoying some budget-friendly water fun? If you’re not the creative type or need a little help with some ideas, here are some great outdoor plumbing ideas that won’t empty your wallet:

Slide into Fun with Your Sprinkler

If you’re seeking a cheap and effective way to cool off in the summer sun, look no further than your front yard sprinklers.

Not only will you have a blast while you run through the mist, but your green grass will thank you with a healthy green color.

For an extra splash of fun that won’t break the bank, toss a slip-n-slide into the mix! Your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Cool Off With a Fun Water Hose Fight

When you’re really feeling the heat, having a water hose fight should cool you right off; not to mention, who doesn’t like an excuse to spray water at your friends and family?

While fun though, this can quickly turn into an expensive foray if too much water is used. So it's important to know the water pressure you're using.

Keep a good eye on your water meter so you aren’t hit with an expensive bill at the end of the month. You can also try keeping your water fight, even more, cost-effective and water conservation friendly with some store-bought water guns.

Beat the Heat with Water Balloons

Everyone loves a good water balloon fight. Water balloons are a cheap store purchase and fill up quickly using the outdoor water hose.

Staving off those high summer temperatures with an energetic water balloon battle is not only a great way to sneak in some exercise but a fantastic and cool way to bond with your friends and family.

Grab a pack of water balloons and make some great summer memories with the ones you love! The longest day of the year gives you a little extra time to have fun with friends and family, soak up some rays, and cool off with some refreshing water activities. While we discussed some budget-friendly water activities that can conserve your bank account while keeping you cool, it’s also important to keep water conservation in mind.

Being mindful of conserving water, while also enjoying it, is important because we don’t have an endless supply of water on this Earth that is fit for human use and consumption. Out of the World’s water supply, only 3% is fresh water with a staggering .5% of it being available to use outside of ice caps, soil, glaciers, our atmosphere or trapped beneath the Earth’s surface.

When we take care to preserve our water resources it helps protect our environment, offsets rising costs of food, protects us from future drought, keeps our communities looking great, promotes healthy living, and allows us to continue to enjoy water-related activities. After all, what’s the fun in having an extra-long summer day like June 21st without playing in the water? It only happens once a year!