Show Mom You Appreciate Her This Mother’s Day

Have you thought about everything that your mom did for you growing up? Whether it’s feeding you, taking care of you when you’re sick, or just taking you to your favorite restaurant, our moms put in a lot of work daily.

Which is why we were often open to having to do chores - on a rare occasion. While it always seemed annoying, it could have actually been another form of motherly love.

Many of those chores we were forced to do as children, taught us life lessons that make life easier on us and our plumbing today!

“Remember to Wipe the Glassware!”

Your mom wanted the glassware to look nice. It didn’t always look its best, though, even when you did your best. There’s a good chance of why that happened, and chances are it had nothing to do with you.

It could have been because of hard water. Below are some ways hard water makes getting glassware clean hard:

  • Leaves mineral deposits
  • Makes it hard to get suds

Whether your home didn’t have a water filtration system or you were pulling water from the well, hard water is a common issue for many homeowners.

The best way to combat it is with a water softener. These devices break down the molecules that cause stains and leaves you with clean water that won’t force you to wipe after every dishwashing.

Always asking us, "Why Are You in The Bathroom so Long?"

Just about everyone can relate to being rushed out of the shower on a daily basis - especially when all you wanted was some time to relax.

While you might have thought it was because they needed your help for other chores, and chances are that did happen sometimes, it could have been for other reasons as well.

  • Water is expensive, if you have to pay for it.
  • The water can wear away at your plumbing and affect the pipes
  • Water can affect the tub and tile and cause mold and mildew

Those long showers can add up and cost a lot of money. Whether it’s the water bill or the general deterioration of your plumbing, cutting down on your water consumption and shower time could be a great benefit to your daily routine today!

Maybe We Should be Like Pioneers and Start Collecting Water

This goes back to the expense of the water bill. Obviously, it’s not a good idea to use rainwater to maybe cook with or to bathe with. However, there are things that you can use rainwater for that are completely healthy and that will help you save money on your water bill.

  • Watering flowers/garden
  • Washing truck, car, bike
  • Filling up wading pools
  • Washing dogs