Defend Your Home With a Sump Pump Inspection

Not all people have sump pumps in their homes, but, if you have a basement, you definitely should have one. Sump pumps help to drain out water that has accumulated into the area they are installed in. To keep sump pumps working at maximum capacity, it is necessary to inspect them each year. You can inspect them yourself or you can call someone to come inspect it for you.

Either way, we can tell you exactly why it’s important to have a yearly sump pump inspection done and how it can benefit your home and safety.

Fresh and Clean (and Dry)

Most basic sump pumps boast a lifetime of 6 years. However, if you clean your sump pump completely at least once a year, it can extend the life of the pump up to ten years or more. Knowing that your sump pump is kept clean can also allow you peace of mind because you will know that it is able to work at full capacity to push any water that reaches your basement out and away from your family and your belongings. Even if you do not experience floods often, some basements are located below the water level and experience water leakages.

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Don’t Ignore Sump Pump Alarms

Sump pump alarms are just as valuable as the sump pumps themselves. When a sump pump loses power, become clogged, or stop working, the alarm lets you know that there is an issue with your pump, so you can make sure that it is taken care of quickly.

During a sump pump inspection, the alarm should always be checked to make sure that it is working and avoid a plumbing emergency! You should consider the sump pump alarm as your second defense against flooding with your first defense being the sump pump itself.

Discharge at a Distance

During sump pump inspections, you should always check to make sure that the pump’s discharge location is at least 20 feet away from your home. This is especially important when you did not build the home yourself because you may not be aware of how far your sump pump's discharge location is from your home.

If it’s too close, the water pumped away from your home can come right back into it - leading to a sump pump that continuously has to pump. During a true flooding scenario, having a discharge location too close to your home can make the flooding in your home happen faster and become more severe.

Sump Pumpin’

Sump pumps are important parts of your home’s defense against catastrophe. They are also the last line of defense your home has against flooding in many cases. If you’ve never checked your sump pump, call a professional and make sure the job is done correctly and thoroughly. If you cannot remember the last time you cleaned or checked your sump pump, get down to your basement today and give your pump a look.

If you know anyone that may or may not need to have their sump pump checked out, share this article to spread awareness about this commonly overlooked home defense system, and get your sump pump working in tip-top shape today!