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Your kitchen is a place for your family or loved ones to gather. It's where you prepare your favorite meals to share with your favorite people. That's why it's vital that, when you need kitchen plumbing repairs, you find a plumber in Santa Clarita that can provide high-quality service efficiently at a fair price.

Yochim Plumbing Services Inc. has provided quality kitchen plumbing services in Santa Clarita, such as garbage disposal repair, kitchen sink installation, and faucet replacement. Give us a call to speak with a highly-trained plumbing contractor about your kitchen plumbing today!

Is your kitchen in need of repairs? Call Yochim Plumbing Services Inc. today at (661) 218-2299 or contact us online for more information on our kitchen plumbing services in Santa Clarita!

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

A broken garbage disposal can lead to many other problems, such as clogged drains or foul odors coming up from your sink drain. That’s why you must call Yochim Plumbing Services Inc. immediately if you encounter any of the following problems with your garbage disposal.

Some of the most common problems include:

  • Jams: Jams usually happen because of putting things in the garbage disposal that you shouldn't, like high-fiber vegetables or flatware.
  • Clogs: Putting too much down your sink drain and into the disposal at once can cause it to become clogged. If a severe clog occurs, your Santa Clarita Valley plumber might need to disassemble the entire disposal.
  • Power loss: A faulty or disrupted electrical connection can cause your garbage disposal to lose power.
  • Excessive noise: Sometimes, metallic or complex plastic objects that enter the disposal can loosen parts of the disposal and cause it to become very noisy. This problem can be fixed by tightening loose parts.
  • Leaking: A loose screw or gasket might cause your garbage disposal to leak. Depending on the severity of the situation, a simple tightening may be all that is needed, but additional services could be required.

How To Tell If Your Faucet Needs Repairs

  1. Drip.. drip.. drip - Not only can this be a nuisance, but it can be a tremendous waste of water. It usually results from issues with your valves that aren't functioning as intended, so call in our Santa Clarita faucet repair experts.
  2. Strange sounds - The two most common sounds are screeching and clicking. Screeching likely happens due to a rubber washer that is worn out and needs to be replaced, but clicking or clanking means there could be cracks in the faucet itself, and we'll need to take it apart to inspect.
  3. A sputtering faucet - If you're not getting the steady stream you're used to, make sure to call in our Santa Clarita faucet repair experts. It usually happens when there's a clog in the aerator, and it ensures you don't try to stick anything into the exposed piece.
  4. Rust or mineral build-up - If you see rust on your faucet, or perhaps there's been mineral deposits building up on it, it's never a good sign.
  5. Visible damage or a squeaky handle - Any cracks can put the entire faucet at risk, and if it makes noise, the faucet stem is starting to become worn thin and should be looked at by a trained professional.

Signs You Sink Faucet Needs To Be Replaced

Like any other appliance in your home, your sink faucets will eventually need to be replaced. You can count on the Santa Clarita plumbing team at Yochim Plumbing Services Inc. to help you get a new faucet installed when you experience any of these issues. These may include needing expensive replacement parts or otherwise needing frequent repair service, the presence of severe limescale buildup on the faucet, or significant leaking.

Contact Yochim Plumbing Services Inc. today for experienced kitchen plumbing repairs in Santa Clarita, CA!

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